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Okrzemek and Michalina report to Virtual Adoption – aking You to participate in their adoption virtually. The basic monthly cost of their maintenance is 800PLN. They will be grateful for any constant help.  If You want to become their virtual guardian please fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form. Thank You.

At the moment they need PLN400  (USD103) to fulfill their virtual adoption.

Okrzemek and Michalina story

Maybe you have seen this couple before, maybe you have walked nearby the fence, behind which Okrzemek humbly walked, followed by Michalina’s step by step. They wandered around, carrying the children. Or senselessly looking for grass that no one has ever planted for them. Because even the grass sounds too exclusive to these hard-working animals. Whatever Okrzemek and Michalina did, they always
did together. Today they also go together where no one comes back from. Because they only have a one-way ticket. Especially if you are an overworked pony and an exhausted donkey and another tourist seasons are coming. As if suddenly there was no place for you …

For sure it was summer or early fall when you passed that old wooden fence covered with moss. Blooming grass smelled all around, the leaves of the trees sparkled with green, and the children laughed nearby the lake.

That’s the time of the year when the little ponies and little donkeys work too hard. In warm summer rain and overwhelming heat. Who cares about the weather, when the line reaches a village shop with winding stairs. You can call it exploitation, although many people call it a tourist attraction. Such an attraction sometimes lasts from dawn to dusk, after all, you need to earn the right to a chain in a cell. There is no place for animals that bring no profit here. Because when the first cold weather comes, you can finally rest, and you have to earn the right to do so. When tourism is dying down, the Okrzemek humbly hangs his head under the weight of his chain, snorts softly, and cuddles up to the long-eared Michalina. This old, rusty chain and 2m2 of concrete floor are all they own.

The day came when even this chain was taken from them, as well as the two meters of concrete under their hooves. This is what happens when old age meets the economy. An unfortunate situation when you have to keep walking on the sand with children on your back until your legs refuse to move.

Summer is coming. Okrzemek and Michalina are waiting at the barn of the trader. Because it’s time to replace old, worn-out animals with newer ones that will start the same masquerade. What is unsuitable disappears from many agritourism farms with the first breath of summer. When you visit them, in a few weeks you will be welcomed by younger Okrzemek and joyful new Michalina. At least until
old age sprinkles their temples with gray hair and their legs fail. Then
history will repeat. Because in this summer business, under the rays of the hot sun, there is no room for old animals and any kind of empathy.