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Olive grove fire in Cyprus

In Cyprus recently temperatures exceed 44 Celsius degrees . Drought is taking its toll. As a result, the legendary 800-year-old olive grove burnt down. The islanders are devastated.

A unique grove, located in a picturesque valley, near the village of Kapouti, burned during one of the largest fires that have ever struck Cyprus. The fire consumed many areas, but for Cypriots 800-year-old grove is the biggest loss. There were around 2,000 olive trees in the grove, of which over 400 are over 500 years old. The general age of them reaches even 800 years. According to preliminary estimates, 50% of the trees burned in the grove. Losses are really big.

Cypriots considered the grove their “paradise on earth”, trees were present in their lives and played an important role in it. It is a painful event for the local community, but also for nature and culture. Cyprus has lost a unique place that tourists from all over the world loved. We can only hope that many trees will grow back.