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The  main center, which takes care of a few hundreds of horses, is  our Animal Farm. It is located 70km from Wroclaw and 15 km from Legnica and is situated in former German farm from the year1882. The farm was bought by us in 2012 and it’s designed for quarantined animals and older individuals, which are in need of everyday veterinarian assistance, diagnostics and observation.

The second huge center is a Reserve in Przemkowski National Park, where we take care of few hundreds of horses, cows, donkeys, and over 200 ponies.

Horses can use almost 400 ha, during fall and spring they are being fed (oat and hay), during the rest of the year they are kept in sheds. Horses are kept under our constant supervision, they are provided with shelter, which is being adjusted according to their needs, they are also under the care of veterinarian and farrier, and transported to Animal Farm if necessary.

We also collaborate with smaller animal centers and hotels, where we provide financial help for horses, who need special treatments and care, for example, those who are blind, horses with breathing problems (RAO), pregnant mares and those who have trouble moving on their own.

We are also planning to purchase a new resort, approximately 50-100 ha, which would be owned completely by Centaurus and would protect the animals for many years to come, regardless of the National Park lease.