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From the very beginning, our priority was helping animals, especially horses. However, with an increase of our awareness and growing opportunities we started getting involved in ecology promotion and protection of natural heritage in Poland and all over the world.

Except for horses we also took under our wings dogs, cats and farm animals. Our animals are often being healed with alternative methods, as well as homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, herbs, bioenergoterapy treatments, Zdenko Domancic therapy, bio-resonance and biocommunication, maternal cells. The results we have achieved were amazing.

We purchased our Animal Farm in 2012, and not long after, we leased 400 ha of the reserve. Therefore, we created the biggest asylum for horses in Europe where we have surrounded over 1000 horses with love and care.
We also provide financial support for animals, which are being looked after by other organizations, and we give methodological advices to private citizens who are helping animals.

We promote a healthy way of life by organizing vegetarian cuisine workshops, we publish guides and magazines about healthy eating. We promote ecological education at schools and in media.
We are also the founder of charity fairs, which promote Zero Waste philosophy, and the fairs are being organized in the biggest cities in Poland. 100% of fair profit goes to animals.

Since 2013 we run the International Centaurus Club, which connects the lovers of fauna and flora from all around the world. All these activities are possible thanks to people of goodwill, who are involved in Centaurus initiatives. We are so grateful for that!