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Paproszek has a full virtual adoption. Thank You.

Paproszek story

Paproszek is a donkey. He couldn’t be anything else. Because it doesn’t even suit him …big, long, spiky ears and that donkey glance that speaks for itself.  Paproszek does not understand anything. Because Paproszek was always a mess. Everyone was talking about him. Even those who wrote an email to help him said he was a loser donkey. That is why it is standing today where he stands…

Paproszek had a job at a mini zoo. Of course, no pay. A small mini-zoo, but apart from it there were chickens, ducks, a pony, and another donkey, Laluś. However, due to the epidemic, the hotel itself was deteriorating more and more, and the mini-zoo right behind it. First, some cars stopped, the children approached the fence, sometimes even they threw a treat. With time it was getting more and more empty, the cars keep driving along the road as if they couldn’t see the
donkeys anymore, they disappeared indifferently around the next bend. In time the chickens, the ducks, and finally the pony disappeared. The hope that something would change was also gone.

There was a client who wanted to buy the younger donkey, Laluś. Paproszek was watched by many, but the name fits him like a glove. Also, he always stepped into something, tripping over his legs, and when he lay down, he did not always manage to get up. He was all a bit crooked and not young anymore. And his looks were also strange, not like handsome Laluś, the favorite of all of those who used to visit hotel gardens. Days and weeks passed. Everything around was deserted. The host of the hotel locked all doors, gates, and the largest gates with a key. And no one knows when to open them.

Finally, the car came for Paproszek as well. But a bit different
than the one that took Laluś. Some old, vehicle crash rolled into the yard. The host wasn’t even there. Nobody said goodbye to Paproszek.
Someone pulled and pushed Paproszek and even used a whip on him. Somehow Paproszek climbed the car and they drove away. One would like to at least write that he has gone into the unknown. But everyone in the neighborhood knew where Paproszek, the donkey, went. Just as everyone knew that you don’t come back from there.