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Park on the street

Fresh air is something we value today. We live in large cities, more and more we miss green landscapes and beautiful views from the windows. The pace of life, huge buildings, traffic jams, and car exhaust fumes all contribute to our health and well-being. Trees are often replaced with parking lots and other new investments. We have fewer and fewer trees around us and less fresh air.

Vienna has decided to stop climate change. Streets that are not necessary for traffic will be changed into green areas. And yes, the first park on the street will be built. It will be an open, green space with an area of ​​3.7 thousand square meters Not the whole street was not destroyed, but only its outlet. The authorities of Vienna are also planning to plant new trees, plant lawns, make paths, install benches and a playground for children. As part of the project, drinking water fountains will be created and plants with edible fruits will be planted, and there will even be places for bird nests. The park will be opened this fall.