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Become her Virtual Guardian. By filling out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION FORM You can help her get the best she can have. Thank You.

Update 1.12.2021
Pati is safe!

Pati is already with us to spend a dignified, happy retirement on the farm, filled with the best, loving care and delicacies. We will do whatever we can to reward her for her hard work, and we can do just that thanks to you!
There is still a quarantine ahead of Pati, during which a veterinarian and a blacksmith will take care of her. Once again, on her behalf, thank you!

Her story:

Pati’s world has always been full of people. Children and adults. They all had a common goal – each of them visited her for entertainment. Because Pati worked in recreation. She taught young adepts of horse riding, made the time in the countryside pleasant for holidaymakers, politely posed for photos. She taught children, adolescents and adults to respect animals. The youngest ones tucked their tiny hands in her fluffy hair and, tugging at her long ears, laughed to tears. Others climbed on her and admired the world tightly, clinging to the mane. There was always a long cue to Pati. She worked hard on her little legs. Until late evenings.

The beginning of the end for Pati started when health problems arose. Years of neglect led her to a terrible disease. The tiny legs and hooves, twisted with laminitis, became incapable of any movement. Because how was she supposed to run on them, if it was even hard for her to stand and walk? When the vet arrived, he spread his hands helplessly and informed the owner that Pati was no longer fit for the job. She won’t last another season. And as winter is coming, times are becoming more and more difficult, no one will keep Pati, who will no longer earn her living. And yes, the diagnosis became a verdict for her. Which is about to be fulfilled soon.

And this is how Pati’s short story would have ended, had it not been for one call. A person who knew Pati called us to help her. Moved by the fate of the little pony, asked to save her from the slaughterhouse.

She has met the needs of others all her life. They were always the most important. She was always held for something. To be useful. To carry children and pose for photos. Everything was always more important than her. Until today.

Pati realized in an instant that the years of effort and work had been for nothing. Although she helped with all her strength, when she needs support now, no one is with her anymore. It was the man who decided that her life was coming to an end. After years of meeting people’s expectations she grew old, sick and redundant. And she is waiting for the final journey. To death.