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Take care of them VIRTUALLY

03/08/2021 Update

Pętelka and her baby are now safe!
We thank You with all our hearts for saving Pętelka and her son. Both animals are already in our reserve, where they will start using the vast pastures at any moment. For the little one, it will undoubtedly be a big surprise that the world can be so big, but, in the company of a caring mother, he will be able to get to know every corner of the reserve.
On behalf of Pętelka and Maluch, thank you for saving them. It is thanks to you that they have a new life, full of sun and green grass.

Pętelka’s Story

If you met her, you would like her. Because everyone liked Petelka. A large, gentle donkey with impressive ears melted the ice in the coldest of hearts. Wherever she lived, she always had a wreath of admirers. It was to her the children ran first after crossing the gates. She was the one who was given the most carrots, most of all the donkeys. And finally, it was her who worked the most, because everyone who visited her, counted on her to give them a ride.

The years passed, and so did Petelka’s health and beauty. When she started limping again, the vet spread his hands helplessly. He couldn’t help her anymore, because old age and exploitation did their job. The owner, in order to achieve maximum profit, decided to take her to death but before that, he locked her in a cell at the back of the farm, because customers, seeing the neglected animal, threatened him with the police and the court. Pętelka has not seen the world for over a year. She was pregnant and managed to give birth. Her little son flourished chasing dreams in the dark, musty barn. And when he was six months old, the owner called a trader and sold both donkeys for slaughter. Just to earn something.
Today, Petelka and her baby are waiting for transport to the slaughterhouse. And they cannot do anything. They cannot ask You for help. They don’t have the money to buy themselves out. They can only wait for the hell that man has prepared for them. Please save Petelka and her child.