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Galgo Español is a national name for Spanish greyhound. Since ancient times this particular breed of dog has been one of the most oppressed ones all over the world. Very low price for the greyhound (around 10 Euro) and the law that categorized these dogs as a „working dogs”- meaning they are not being considered as pets- that leads them to be treated as objects.

This kind of dog is mainly used for hunting for only one season- they hunt in groups- 10 dogs per one hunter at least. Most of the dogs will be replaced by new animals next season. Such a huge rotation of the animals emphasizes the industrial character of breeding and what kind of suffering these dogs have to go through. If galgos is not a good hunter or he doesn’t reach other dogs’ level of skills, as a punishment he is being poured with acid, dragged behind the car and skinned, buried alive, being thrown into deep wells, canyons or sometimes shot( which in these circumstances is perceived a privilege). The cruelest punishment that exists is to tie the dog around the neck so he will eventually hang himself. In that case, the animal can suffer for even 3 days.  It’s also worth mentioning that this is the fate of 50-100 thousand animals every year.

 Please sign the petition and express your opinion against this inhumane bestiality!

Our petition against bestiality on galgos will be addressed to Spain authorities.



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