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Polish bison went to Andalusia

Polish bison joined the population of their species in Spain. Nine individuals, four males, and five females went to Andalusia. They will be looked after by specialists from the European Bison Conservation Center of Spain. In the Andalusian reserve, there are also, among others, Iberian lynxes and vultures. Preparations for the long journey took several weeks.

Since the beginning of the restitution of the bison from Poland, almost 500 bison have left for other countries, mainly to Germany, France, Spain, and the Czech Republic, and as many as 20 bison went to countries outside Europe. Bison that ended up in Spain come from the “Żubrowisko” reserve in Jankowice. After being transported to the Iberian Peninsula, they ended up in a breeding farm with an area of ​​about 1000 ha, located in Andalusia at an altitude of about 600 m above sea level.

Bison found its way to Spain thanks to the efforts of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. It is another such undertaking carried out in cooperation with the State Forests. And all as part of a comprehensive project for the protection of European bison in Poland.