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Polish storks in Great Britain

Storks from Poland emigrated to Great Britain. It is thanks to this transfer that these birds began to nest and breed in the country for the first time in 600 years. This is a groundbreaking event for British nature, as these birds became extinct there hundreds of years ago. Historical English sources inform that the last brooding of the white stork in the British Isles took place in 1416. Nevertheless, these birds still have a special place in British culture. They exist in pictures, fairy tales, or stories. According to specialists, there were several reasons for the lack of these birds in Great Britain. First of all, the British population of white storks has never been large. This is about to change now. Storks returned to Great Britain straight from the Bird’s Asylum in Warsaw. They are to find their new home there.

The British press devotes a lot of space to recreate the stork population. It reports that the white stork has returned to Great Britain and is once again part of its nature, as it was centuries ago, in the Ancient Times and the Middle Ages.