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Prohibition of the use of lead ammunition

A European ban on the use of lead munitions in all wetlands of the European Union will soon be introduced. This is good news for birds because, as ecologists point out, every year millions of these aquatic animals are poisoned with lead from hunters’ weapons.

The ban on lead ammunition in wetlands will come into life in two years. It is estimated that four million birds that live in the water are poisoned by toxic lead from shot ammunition each year. One million of them die.

In Europe, more than 20,000 tons of lead are released into the environment by hunters and target shooters each year. A significant part of it is found in the habitats of water birds, where they reproduce and feed. Lead is one of the world’s most harmful substances. Its effect on living organisms and the environment has been very well researched. Now its use is to be banned in all wetlands in the EU.