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Breed: Polish draft horse

Born on 04.2011

Height at the withers 163

Hassle-free to work around. A horse ridden under the saddle.

After an old right eye injury. Does not require treatment.

If You wish to adopt Prometeusz, please fill out the STATIONARY ADOPTION form or become his VIRTUAL GUARDIAN.

Thank You.You saved Prometeusz last October. After being quarantined and castrated, he had been diligently studying at a natural methods center for the past few months. He went through all Natural Horsemanship training, was desensitized and started working regularly.

Today Prometeusz is a loving horse, very nice and polite, he does well in the saddle. He behaves well during all beauty treatments. The only thing that needs attention is that he is minimally dominant. Thus, a person who wants to give him a home cannot treat him as a large mascot. In the case where it has certain limits, it behaves very nicely.