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Our Planet Earth. What comes to your mind when u hear these words? Do you realize that every one of our actions affects it? Do u have any idea how each behavior has an impact on its wellbeing? You should take into consideration how you can help your planet. As you know, humanity doesn't make it easy on it.

One of the biggest threats to our planet is cutting down forests. It is known that they are called Earth’s “green lungs” for a reason. When a human is cutting down the forest, the planet starts to suffocate. It happens because we are taking away what’s the most important for it – the oxygen. And what comes next, many animals and plants are at risk. Not only is the forest home to many species, but it’s also the common property of the society, which creates the human’s quality of life. According to GUS data from the year 2018, the surface of the Polish forest is estimated at 9255 hectares. That’s why we call forth: please let’s protect the old trees, let’s stop cutting them down so much.

Forests have a positive impact on the environment as well as on human life. They play an important role in limiting climate change. The forest ecosystem absorbs huge quantities of carbon dioxide, which is the main reason behind climate warming. Another benefit is also a limitation of the concentration of many other pollutions. Additionally, the forest is also responsible for air purification from heavy metals and dust as well as noise suppression.

Next to their positive effect on environment forests are also the natural resting place for a human.  Contact with nature is one of the healthiest ways of recreation. Professor Tadeusz Bujak, from Agriculture Academy in Cracow, in one of his interviews, said that spending time in the forest is „very valuable medicine, especially in our poor society, because it is free.  Forests’ impact on our health is irreplaceable. Forest contains from 200 to 1000  less harmful for health substances than the open areas.”

As we read the report about the condition of Polish forests, created by National Forests organization: „The threat to the forest environment in Poland is the highest in Europe. This is mainly because Poland is located on the border of two different climates: continental and maritime, as a consequence – Poland is under the constant influence of many factors, which cause adverse changes for the forest health.” The danger is mainly caused by many atmospheric factors, soil properties, physiographic conditions, insect pests, infectious diseases. As serious threats, we can also count the air pollution by energetics, municipal economy, or transportation. It’s also influenced by water and soil pollution, transformations of the earth’s surface, forest fires, or hunting or stealing forest’s property. Such threats are bringing serious consequences. The most serious threats consist of: the extinction of individual organisms, the disruption of the natural structure of the various ecosystem, the total distinction of trees.

Human being has a huge influence on forest welfare. In Poland, one of the biggest dangers is intentional or unintentional setting the forest on fire. Only in the year 2018, 8867 forest fires were registered, and the major causes were mainly arsons or negligence. Particularly harmful is also cutting the last scraps of natural forests. Each year around 12-15 hectares of forests are being cut down. As a result, the number of plants and animal species is decreasing.

In Poland mass cutting of trees has started in 2017. A big influence on it has had the law, which was letting the property owners cut out trees and bushes, they have found unnecessary or they caused a problem in land development. The other major issue is throwing garbage in the forest. Compounds from decaying garbage penetrate the soil and pollute waters. Also, toxic substances are absorbed by mushrooms, berries, and other plants. The plastic wastes are dissolving for approximately 100 to 1000 years, when it comes to glass waste it is also the cause of fires.

Forests. Green lungs of nature. The natural environment and home to many animals and plants. This place has also a very positive impact on a human’s life. Peace, quiet, fresh air. Forest. How do we protect it? One person is not able to fight all threats of this forest ecosystem. But we can try to take care of it by everyday actions. Because of your everyday choices, you can support forest survival. And even though it may seem, that our actions won’t bring the expected results, it’s worth trying. Stop burning a bonfire in the forest, not throwing away your garbage, stop destroying the plants, and even trying to reduce the usage of paper has a huge impact on the forest’s protection. Because these small steps lead to our common goal. And this kind of behavior will have a positive impact on the conditions of Polish forests.


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The way we are

The way we treat animals defines us not animals, it shows what kind of people we are when we deal with innocent ones.

Przemek Markiewicz


Education is the biggest hope for our planet and future generations.

Education brings understanding, changes your perception of the world and can make that the future will look brighter for our planet. Because the people who will make important decisions will have the highest level of knowledge and empathy, which many people don’t possess these days. That’s when the existence of organizations like ours will not be necessary. That’s why investing many in educational campaigns is the best solution possible.


CEO and coordinator

Volunteering is a huge force!

Volunteers from all over the world, who are fighting for the right cause are the main reason why we achieve our goals, and we were able to save thousands of animals.

Jaśmin Dymarska

Activist and volunteer