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    How many Years of experience do you have in riding horses? *

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    Did you have or do you have your own horse? *

    Who will take care of the horse and who will use it?

    Describe the symptoms of colic and what action should be taken if it occurs

    Describe the symptoms of laminitis and what action should be taken if it occurs

    Where will the horse live? *

    How many square meters is the box that is being prepared for the horse?

    How much area will the horse have on the pasture in square meters?

    How is the pasture area fenced?

    How much time would the horse spend in the pasture?

    How much contact will the adoptive horse have with other horses?

    How often is the horse fed and what food will the horse get?

    How many times a day will the horse have access to water?

    What do you want to adopt?
    the gender is irrelevanta marea gelding

    Which age group should your adoptive horse belong to?

    Describe exactly what kind of horse you are looking for and why you would like an adoptive horse.

    If you have already selected a foundation horse that you would like to adopt, write its name here:

    Upload the following photos to the the form: *
    stable (box, paddock / exercise area , fencing) as well as photos of the horses you are currently looking after.