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Record holder among birds

The bar-tailed godwit has officially been recognized as a record holder in the bird world. In 11 days he flew 12,000 km, covering the route from Alaska to New Zealand without stopping. This is the longest flight without rest that scientists have observed and confirmed.

As reported by “The Guardian”, the bar-tailed godwit, which broke the record, is known as 4BBRW because it had 4 rings on its legs: blue, blue, red, and white. 4BBRW set off from Alaska on September 16 and reached New Zealand after 11 days. His journey was monitored by experts from the Global Flyway Network, a group dedicated to nature conservation and the study of birds that migrate long distances. The male bird that broke the flight record had a 5-gram satellite tag placed in its lower back to allow scientists to track its flight path and progress. The previous record for bar-tailed godwit belonged to the female and was recorded in 2007. It was 11,500 kilometers without landing, which took the females 9 days to cover.