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Record temperatures in Siberia

On Saturday, the highest temperature in history was recorded in Siberia. Thermometers in Russian town Verkhoyansk showed 38 Celsius degrees. If climate change continues at its current pace, similar heatwaves will occur more often in this region. A shocking temperature has been reported in one of the coldest cities on the planet. It has never been so hot behind the Arctic Circle.

Verkhoyansk is a small town located 4,800 kilometers east of Moscow. It is known for extreme temperatures. It’s usually very cold there. In winter, average temperatures are -49 degrees Celsius. The previous record for the highest temperature there was 37.2 degrees Celsius. Now it has been beaten.

Unfortunately, this is not good news for Siberia, and also for the rest of the world. The heat has been in the region for many days, and forecasts say a heatwave will last until the end of June. This leads to numerous fires in Siberia. However, even worse than the fires is the very fast melting of the permafrost. Such strong thaws can bring dramatic results.