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Recycled road

Recycled plastic has proved to be an excellent material for strengthening road surfaces. It’s becoming an increasingly popular technology in California. In Los Angeles, recycled PET is added to the asphalt instead of the bitumen, the sludge leftover from oil refining.

The company responsible for this project produces all kinds of surfaces. This time, it used recycled plastic, both for ecological reasons and for the fact that the addition of plastic as a binder makes the surface more durable. This type of road is more resistant than standard asphalt. An additional advantage of this technology is the fact that the road is repaired “on-site”. It avoids truck traffic inside and outside the construction zone. It also eliminates the emissions from those journeys and gets the job done faster.

The road itself is therefore recycled. In the summer, the first part of the California highway was completed, and 150,000 recycled plastic bottles were used for one mile of the three-lane road. The project is becoming more and more popular.