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Rescue for bees

The European Union wants to limit the usage of pesticides. The reason behind it is to save bees and biodiversity. Bees play an important role in the environment. Beekeepers in European countries have been warning us for a long time that the population of pollinating insects is decreasing drastically. This, as a result, can lead to very serious consequences. The problem can be also a threat to the production of food that is based on pollination. 

The European Commission has a new 10-year plan that is part of the European Green Agreement. This plan assumes stopping the extinction of the bee population. Its basic assumption is to limit the use of pesticides to 2030. The plan also assumes that 3 billion trees will be planted as well as 30% of land and oceans will be protected in the European Union. Until today, only 3% of lands and 1% of oceans are under strict protection. The European Commission plans to raise EUR 18 billion a year to finance the new plan. Ecologists are full of hope for ​​the new idea of the European Commission.