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Rozalka qualified for adoption. She is a great Horse and will be a wonderfull friend. If You want to adopt Rozalka, just fill out VIRTUAL or REAL adopton  form.


With deep sorrow, we have to inform You that Rozmaryn has passed away soon after he came to our sanctuary, due to genetic heart condition. Gallop behind the rainbow bridge little one!

27/07/2021 Update

Thank you for saving Rozalka and her son Rozmaryn

Rozalka and her son are already with us, they are not in any danger and we are waiting impatiently for them to find it out for themselves. The baby’s name is Rozmaryn and although he is still very scared, we will work on his trust and we will not let anyone treat him like a freak. For us, he is a great kid who will soon have a chance to find out that there is also beauty in this world.
Rosalka and Rosemary are still waiting for the necessary visits of a blacksmith and a veterinarian. From now on, all support will be used to support the family. Thank you for taking action to change their fate!

Story of Rozalka

The killing of horses is the result of the greed of people whose conscience has been effectively silenced by the clang of money. Material goods is the idol we cherish and it they present the greatest value. Without looking twice, we send mothers with their little children to the slaughter. We do that because we gave ourselves the right to do so, having their lives for nothing.

When I look at Rozalka hugging her child, the regret hugs our throats like a vise. An old butcher’s string, which has already led many horses to slaughter, is wrapped around her delicate head. This large mare is scared and trembles before a man. I see her eyes tighten with pain as the trader gives her a hard tug. Tensed muscles show up beneath the thin skin, revealing tremendous anxiety. Frightened eyes reveal the despair of a mother who knows she cannot save her child. A mother who does not do anything, cannot change the sentence that a man passed on her and her little son.

Does Rozalka know that she was sentenced to slaughter because her child is not what it should be? Does she understand that her son’s improperly developed genitals have become a death sentence? For her, this disadvantage does not matter, because she loves her baby. However, it does matter to people. The trader laughs when we ask him about the moment of buying Rozalka. Her previous owner could not tell whether the baby was a filly or a colt. Where the horses lived, no one considered the doctor’s visit, let alone the treatment. Nobody sought help, although judging by how the foal is afraid of people, we believe that it was inspected many times by force. Everyone looked, laughed, and everyone decided the easiest solution was to kill them both and not waste any more money. The baby, because he is different, and the mother, because who knows what will come out of her next time …

For Rozalka and her son, there is no hope of a buyer other than a slaughterhouse. Terrified, they wait for their last transport, because the date of slaughter has already been set. Snuggled up, they will go down the gangplank where all the unwanted horses are going …