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Rózia and Róża

Adopt them from a distance. Become a VIRTUAL GUARDIAN

2.11.2021 Update
Rózia thanks for saving her and her Mother

We did it!! Rózia and her mother, Róża, are already with us and they are safe. As soon as they entered the farm, we breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing will threaten the peaceful childhood of Rózia anymore. Nothing will prevent Róża from showing her little daughter the world. She doesn’t have to be afraid for her. And we are no longer afraid either.
Before Róża and Rózia will start visiting a pony kindergarten, they must undergo the necessary quarantine, during which a veterinarian and a blacksmith will see them. Later, bucking among the autumn leaves will begin. We wholeheartedly thank you for saving Róża and Róża!

Rózia cuddles up to her mother and sneaks at us. As if it would save her whole life. Little Rózia does not know that her mother has nothing to say here. In addition, Róża is most likely pregnant, the host boasts. They are just a number in the documents. They got their names today from us. Because apparently a name is a good omen. Though that was all we could do for them today.

Poland slaughters 30,000 horses a year. Old, young. Healthy, sick. Deserved and worn-out, or the kind that had been chained in the barn all their lives, and lived only for the few moments of wind in the mane when they are being loaded. Donkeys, ponies, mothers and children are slaughtered. Yes, I know that killing the pregnant is against the law, but before you ask, I can assure you that no ultrasound is ever done. Neither at the traders nor at the slaughterhouse.

I look with delight, I stroke Rózia’s little head, and she flaps her ears like radars and gives me big eyes. She doesn’t even know that the photos I’m taking may save her life. Her wet nose is constantly rummaging in my hand for some treats or a touch. Mama Róża is a little more distrustful, she looks with caution, she doesn’t trust human hands. Shee moves away from me. My camera is disturbing for her.

Róża and little Rózia go to their deaths. I don’t know what the reason is. The landlord called that the neighbor had no money, and maybe we could help. Because the neighbor slaughters ruthlessly, and the landlord feels sorry for the little mother with a child.

It’s not ethical. But unfortunetely, its legal. The man decides, Amen.