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Rudy (born in 2002) enrolls in the Virtual Adoption program. You can support it virtually – that is, through monthly donations of the amount chosen by You, which will go to his maintenance and supplementation. The cost of basic monthly maintenance of Rudy amounts to PLN 800 (USD205). He will be very grateful for any constant help. All You need to do, to support Rudy is to fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form.

16/04/2021 update

You are GREAT! Rudy saved – a huge, huge thank you for giving him life. After a quarantine, a blacksmith, and a veterinarian inspection, Rudy will join the rest of the horse retirees on one of the catwalks, for whom the world ruled by profit at any cost has not seen the future. At the cost of an innocent life. For the price per kilograms … Rudy is an older horse, and in addition, he is used like a machine, not a sentient being. We know that he has little chance of finding a home. But his contemporaries, who make up one of the largest survivors of a horse hook, will welcome him with their hooves open. Thanks to you, he has his place on earth guaranteed for as long as he decides to stay with us.

Rudy’s story

“All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell
Fate has a happy ending, but not for every horse that has served its owner for years. Most of them end up in a slaughterhouse because they are no longer fit for work, and they had no opportunity to ask for mercy and forgiveness. They were sentenced to death, even though they did nothing wrong. Only a few have escaped the unfortunate end, although they also had to work for it. They were provided with retirement and care. How are they different from those who worked or work hard in villages, farms and horse riding schools?  It all depends on a man. When the money is the most important factor, the horse loses the right to live the moment it stops bringing profit.

Rudy always had to earn his oat, but most of all he had to bring his owner a profit. Every day he worked as hard as he could under the whip. No one ever showed him neither gratitude nor care, as if Rudy had come into the world only to serve a human being. As if that were his calling and duty. With no choice, Rudy served until his tired legs began to fail. Instead calling the vet and blacksmith, Rudy’s owner decided to send him to  slaughter.

Today, Rudy looks around surprised, as if he does not yet understand that there is no pension or reward for his years of work. He likes to be around people, pokes his nose, and looks in the eyes, looking for help that never comes. And only the trader, looking at Rudy, rubs his hands, because Rudy gains weight every day, and that makes his slaughter price rise rapidly.