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If You want to adopt Sasanka , only virtual adoption is avaiable as she needs constant medical care. To become her virtual guardian, just fill out the FORM, thanks

Update 7/07/2021

Thanks to Your invaluable help, Sasanka has a long, happy life in front of her. Who knows, maybe she wants to break Old Billy’s record after all? Now she has a chance. Sasanka is already with us, surrounded by loving care. Soon she will be examined by a vet and her hooves will be taken care of by a farrier. We are all waiting impatiently for her to join the herd of other horses. From now on, all Sasanka’s support will be allocated to the maintenance and, if necessary, treatment of the mare. Thank You once again on her behalf!

Sasanka’s story

The oldest horse in the world, Old Billy, lived to be 62 years old. Billy was a workhorse living in Lancaster County. Sasanka lives in the south of Poland, thousands of kilometers from the lands where the record-holder Billy grazed. And she won’t even live half of his life.

Sasanka does not have to worry about the fact that her joints will hurt someday. She will never die of a heart condition or go blind like a dozen of old animals. Sasanka will never hurt her spine from hard work. Sasanka will never lie down on the straw and will not be lifted with the boom on the fireman’s belts. You won’t see Sasanka in the photo with gray temples. Will you think Sasanka is lucky? No. She simply won’t live to experience any of that.

She won’t live to be 60 like Billy. Ba! She won’t live to see half of it. Before the 10th birthday, it will be taken over by a slaughterhouse. Sasanka doesn’t have to worry about the future. Because she doesn’t have her.

Before she got where she is today, Sasanka has traveled a lot. The present owner has bought her to give birth to foals m. But she was not able to. And for horses such as Sasanka, it means passing a death sentence on themselves. Nobody examines the horse and looks for reasons. There is a shortage of horses, slaughterhouses buy everything at good prices, probably horses have never been so expensive as they are today.

This is where Sasanka’s journey ends. And there is no hope for her other than you, me, and the rest of the people who will read this appeal. Maybe even the rescued one will not live to be 62 years old like Old Billy. But let him live to be at least half this century in dignity. Because dignity is all she has left anyway. It’s worth looking into the camera as she is lowering her head and walking away in the silence of her helplessness.