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Sawa has qualified for real adoption. If You are interested in adoption. Please fill out the ADOPTION FORM.

Height 147 cm. Very good when grooming, gives hooves, she’s a little ticklish under the saddle girth, walking by hand works well, you can tell that she appreciates people. A great character, lunge – doesn’t work so well, unfortunately with the saddle she doesn’t react to calf pressure. It could be that someone tried to teach her something but not with good success;

You can tell that she does not like to accept something that happens in her mouth, she is very suspicious, she became stiff with fear. But if you show her the bridle and stay calm, then it works.

Saddle – without problems. However, it is rather raw. She needs someone who has a careful hand, she is very sensitive. The best thing to do is to start everything over with Sawa, to work on the ground, to build trust, and back and neck muscles have to be trained. But she has a great character, likes sticks and contact with people.

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