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Scientists’ call to improve water quality

80,000 scientists from around the world, from 111 scientific societies researching aquatic ecosystems, call for immediate action to improve the status of waters. Experts analyzed the process of rapid degradation of surface water, which is progressing at an alarming rate. They emphasize that water resources have never been so threatened. The appeal is about action against anthropogenic climate change.

The document signed by the researchers is called “The Statement of the World Scientific Societies Researching Aquatic Ecosystems on the Need for Urgent Action Against Anthropogenic Climate Change”. The appeal shows the dramatic scale of the progressive degradation of surface waters. Experts warn against its consequences for humanity and call for immediate action. They argue that further destruction of water environments caused by climate change must be stopped. According to the researchers, these actions are expected to help avoid “tragic global consequences”.

The world’s water resources are currently the most threatened in human history. As the authors of the appeal emphasize, humanity is responsible for this and only humanity can solve this problem.