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Serafin has a full virtual adoption. Thank You so much.

02.07.2021 Update:

Serafin is already with us!

Thank you for saving Serafin. It is thanks to You that this young pony has a chance for a decent, good life. Serafin is currently under quarantine. Full diagnostics and treatment will be initiated as soon as possible. He is also waiting for the farrier who will take care of his hooves. When Serafin is healthy and we are sure he is not being contagious anymore, he will join the other ponies, where he can finally do whatever he wants.

Thank you for bending over his fate. It is thanks to You that Serafin is alive and he is no longer in danger.

Serafin Story!

We saw many ponies in the traders’ barns. They are victims of human greed. Brought into the world only to earn money, they often end their lives in the slaughterhouse before they survive the first year. Every day in the traders’ barns the drama of horse children led to slaughter takes place. Taken from their mothers, they desperately cry for help. They bang their little hooves on concrete floors, tear on butcher’s ropes, trying unsuccessfully to free themselves and escape. Although each of them is different, they all have one thing in common. They want to live.

Serafin is not even
one year old. Through the door, he looks at people fearfully. And although he doesn’t understand why he is here, he knows perfectly well that nothing good will happen to him. The scared moves around, calling his mother for help. He has a fever and pus is already starting to form at the corners of his eyes. Like most horses at traders, he suffers from scrofula, which is today it is treated by an antibiotic. As long as it is given.

But in the trader’s barn, if there is no life-threatening situation, no one wastes money on treatment. So before Serafin gets on the gangplank of the butcher’s car, his wounds will burst and pus will flow out of them. He would not recover before he was slaughtered. Nobody cares that the horse is sick. Normal business. In the world of farming for slaughter, it’s not about feeding people, it’s about money.