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You can adopt Śnieżynka virtually. Just fill out the ADOPTION FORM and we will get back to You shortly.

Update 22 December 2021

Śnieżynka “Snow White” is already with us!

Thank you with all our hearts – Śnieżynka and her baby are now safe! Still distrustful, cautious, but nevertheless we know that with time they will find out that man can be their friend. Only quarantine, obligatory visits of a veterinarian and a blacksmith, and then the toddler will be able to enjoy a carefree childhood. Thank you!

Śnieżynka’s story:

The world of Śnieżynka will end this Christmas. Once and for all the sun will go out for her and the moon will descend from the sky. When the first star is up, she won’t be there anymore.

Śnieżynka had an idyllic life. As for a recreational country horse, of course. She worked under children in summer, in order to be fastened in a sleigh in winter and rushed through the snow along forest tracks. In the meantime, she gave birth to foals and worked in the field. She wasn’t doing it for free, oh no! She had a few meters in the barn, her own rope that showed her where the country mare was, and a few handfuls of oats every day. Almost luxury. Because many horses don’t even have that much. You think this is a joke?

You’re right. She worked with all her strengh and got scraps in return. Because no one has respect for country horses. There the horse is a work mashine. And that was her only role, and even an award. Because a horse that does nothing doesn’t have a right to live. Nobody keeps retired horses in the countryside. And because there is no money, and because there is not enough space overnight, and suddenly there is an overwhelming lack of strength, or a new tractor stands in the yard. The hosts give various reasons. There are also those who say that the slaughterhouse is for empathy, so that the horse does not tire in his old age, and they gloriously load their worn-out horses up the steep gangway.

Śnieżynka didn’t have much. But even that was taken from her. When she gave birth to the last foal, there was no room for her, even the rope turned out to be too valuable, and although the tractor did not show up, she was simply driven up the gangplank of the truck without explanation. This is how it happens, everything ends someday. The host mercifully waited until Śnieżynka gave birth. He said that it was not proper to put her in a blessed state for slaughter, he had no heart. But once the foal was in the world, its heart was ready for this step. And no one asked Śnieżynka if it was a good time. Loaded, went to a trading center. And her story has ended.

Yes it is. Today you have everything, and tomorrow you have nothing. Life is fragile, sometimes unfair. Today half of the villages know you, you can hear children’s screams among the trees, when you rush with your sleigh, Śnieżynka, along these forest tracks. And tomorrow no one even asks why it is suddenly empty behind the old wooden fence, why the ducts are untouched by your hooves, why the grass is not eaten. It’s all water over the dam. You have been, you have passed.

“She is old, worn out, buy yourself a younger one, lady, I will find you, why buy such an old carcass?” the trader persuades me throughout our meeting, when we photograph Śnieżynka. No comments. What to comment here. Our centers have sheltered 1,500 such well-worn, unnecessary, losers, old ones. We didn’t look at their birth certificate, but in the eyes. There is much more written there. And in those eyes burns the hope, which is extinguished by each subsequent whistle of the whip, and the roar of the gangplank.

I am taking a few more photos of the gray, powerful Śnieżynka. Her little boy runs around little nervously and looks at my lens uncertainly. And at all of us. I try to stroke him on the nostrils, but have no chance to get close to him. He stands here for a short time, but he has already known the hand of a man. Śnieżynka is trying to kick or bite us. Like a lioness, she fights for her life and that of the foal. If only she knew how futile her efforts were. Finally, the trader introduces order with a whip. The gray mare stands still, her eyes grow huge. The whistle of the whip breaks the silence, the sparkles of hope in her eyes fade away. After a while, the light in the barn goes out, and the merchant tells us goodbye.