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Squirrel Celebration Day

January 21 is the Squirrel Day of Appreciation.

These small, lively animals need our help, especially in winter. Squirrels live not only in forests but also in parks, gardens, and other green spaces. They can jump ten times higher than their bodies and rotate their ankles 180 degrees to stand in any direction while climbing. They are found practically all over the globe, except for Antarctica and Australia. Squirrels are known to keep acorns and nuts for the winter. Such behavior is necessary for them to survive this season because these animals do not hibernate. Some species of squirrels can smell their food under the snow. Then they dig tunnels to bring them to the surface and store them. Even though squirrels prepare for the winter period, it sometimes happens that their supplies are not sufficient or suitably diversified. They are often unable to find previously hidden food. Therefore, our little help will not hurt them. The best food for squirrels is a mix of hazelnuts and walnuts, sunflower seeds, chopped carrots, watermelon, sliced ​​apple, grapes, kiwi, and lots of freshwaters. They are amazing creatures, so it is worth showing some heart to these tree jumpers.