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Why is it worth joining us?
By joining our international initiative of the Centaurus Foundation – You become a Founder of enormous changes. Changes benefiting animals, nature and our entire planet. Changes that affect all of us and the world around us. Upon obtaining the status of a member, You join the group of almost 10,000 people around the world who have already joined  The Centaurus Club today. To date, the Centaurus Foundation’s initiatives have been supported by over 570,000 Donors from all over the world – thanks to You, we implement projects for the earth and nature, protect species and support animals in protecting their rights. Thanks to You, we promote a healthy lifestyle and ecology, and we take care of thousands of animals every day.

How does it work?
It is only a small membership fee transferred once a month – You decide the amount.  Membership is always voluntary. You can resign at any time if You feel that for some reason You cannot support us anymore.
Join today – we are all waiting for you!

What we do? 
EKOFOOD: The Centaurus Foundation together with Centaurus Club promotes healthy and, above all, conscious eating – especially reaching for organic products of known origin. All kinds of chemically processed food are still too willingly included in our diet. This is a global problem. Remember that what we eat affects not only our physical but also emotional condition. It affects our mind. Remember: “you are what you eat.”
LOCAL FARMING: The supermarkets, which appear everywhere like mushrooms after the rain, are crowded with products advertised as Polish, healthy and fresh. Unfortunately, the truth is that most of them have little to do with truly nutritious foods. Where to find one? The answer is simple – the closer, the better. The Centaurus Foundation together with Centaurus Club run a campaign supporting local, and most importantly, ecological agriculture.
EKOHOUSE: Everyhouse can become an ekohouse. Its very easy. You just have to follow a few steps like saving more energy, making sure there is adequate ventilation or installing proper and sustainable heating. Centaurus Foundation together with Centaurus Club promotes the campaing for ecoliving providing many useful tips on how to run the most sustainable house.
I LOVE – I STERILIZE: It is important to learn more about sterilization and castration. The more people become aware of its advantages, the fewer animals will be left homeless. The Centaurus Foundation supports their sterilization through the operation of the Centaurus Club, financing the treatment of stray cats in cities and supporting sterilization in villages and towns. This campaign is extremely important as it helps to overcome homelessness among animals and reduce their mortality in young age.
ADOPT DON’T SHOP: The Centaurus Foundation supports the adoption of animals from shelters. Through its Centaurus Club, it encourages visits to these institutions and non-governmental organizations that support shelters and promote adoption.
CARE FOR THE TREES: In order to eliminate tree felling, it is possible to act locally, e.g. by monitoring this process in the commune and checking whether any of the species are not protected, and if it happens – checking whether it was done in accordance with the law. The most important thing today, however, will be further education – teaching in theory and putting it into practice. Encouraging active, real and reliable actions to protect the environment.

BE BIO!: Bądź Bio! Our Journal published quarterly by the Centaurus Foundation, supporting the protection and care of animals and promoting living in harmony with nature. BEBIO! is a series of interestingly illustrated article full of information and events popularizing vegetarian lifestyle, health and ecology. To subscribe, become Centaurus Club Member. Be BIO!  
CENTAURUS GO: If the charm of nature is not limited to nice views from instagram and photos collecting likes (these are guaranteed with us as a bonus;)), join Centaurus Club and go on an adventure with us today.