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Animal testing – cruelty in white gloves. The topic of animal testing is constantly discussed by media, it keeps coming back like a boomerang. Tests are supposed to serve humans, science development and nature safety. But aren’t there any better, more humanitarian ways to achieve all these goals? Is it a necessity that if we want to achieve something good, first you have to commit all these cruel actions? Yet, success will not erase animals’ suffering. It’s not going to bring them back to their health or life.

The history of animal testing has its roots in Ancient Greece. But these experiments have become popular on a massive scale in the XX century. Tests apply to various industries. The most often they are associated with the testing of cosmetics. But this is only one of many areas, where these cruel treatments are being used. We have to also mention drug tests, scientific researches, detergents. There are many purposes animals are being used for. And also, many animals take part in this procedure. Mostly mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, birds, reptiles, and fishes are being used. The experiments often induce irreversible damages, paralysis and as a consequence death.

Millions of animals are being used for experiments every year. Animal rights organizations, such as PETA or Humane Society ask loudly to stop these procedures, because of both moral and economic reasons. The animals which are intended for experiments are bred in captivity, in small cages. The cosmetics which are being tested are usually rubbed in their eyes, under eyelids, to mutilated places on their bodies. During this process, the animal is being tortured. Very often the eyes are damaged, or they become blind. Animals are also held in special cages or collars, so they are not able to scratch their wounds. These kinds of experiments don’t benefit humans in any way, because of around 95% of medicines or other substances, which were positively tested on animals are not going to work for people.

In November 2019 it was revealed that Chinese researchers are using pigs in car crash tests. They were fastened with seatbelts to a child seat, and then at the speed of 30 kilometers per hour, they hit the wall. According to the media, in this experiment 15 pigs have suffered. The prior day they were not given any water or food, they were also under the influence of sedatives. As it turned out 13 of them died suffering. 

A little bit earlier the world saw how heartless the animals were being treated in Germany. The horrifying video, which appeared on the Internet, has shocked society. The movie saw the light of the day thanks to Cruelty Free, the international organization, which was conducting a secret investigation. It’s been disclosed that at the laboratory nearby Hamburg, animals were treated with enormous cruelty. They were subjected to experiments, hold in captivity, in tiny cages. That’s the way dogs, cats and monkeys were tortured at this vicinity. The monkeys were subjected to severe tests, stuffed with drugs and they tried to free themselves from metal collars. Many of them didn’t survive the tests. The animals were bleeding and dying in huge pain. 

Another shocking animal testing event took place in London in 2014. British non-governmental organization Animal Aid criticized the researches of the local Universities. Cruel experiments on cats were carried out there. As the scientists claimed the reason behind it was: “to understand the human body better”. Cats were paralyzed, skull fragments were removed so later the electrodes can be installed. Metal plates were being drilled into their heads and brain activity was measured. Many cats didn’t survive these tortures, and those who survived were killed as well.

It is worth asking the question: why? Why should we hurt and cause suffering to innocent animals? There is a growing awareness of what practices are used in laboratories. The actions of activists from all over the world have contributed to this. People are now able to see the reality that prevails in the laboratories with their own eyes. More and more voices of disagreement are raised, and the protests are joined by famous people, celebrities and various organizations. People don’t agree with these heartless practices, where the animals’ lives are sacrificed. Animals have their rights, and one of them says no animal may be subject to abuse or cruelty. As PETA organization declares: “There are no reasons to run tests on animals. We call for an end to these barbaric and outdated practices and the use of modern methods in which animals will not suffer instead.

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