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Galgo Español is a national name for Spanish greyhound. Since ancient times this particular breed of dog has been one of the most oppressed ones all over the world. Very low price for the greyhound (around 10 Euro) and the law that categorized these dogs as a „working dogs”- meaning they are not being considered as pets- that leads them to be treated as objects.

This kind of dog is mainly used for hunting for only one season- they hunt in groups- 10 dogs per one hunter at least. Most of the dogs will be replaced by new animals next season. Such a huge rotation of the animals emphasizes the industrial character of breeding and what kind of suffering these dogs have to go through. If galgos is not a good hunter or he doesn’t reach other dogs’ level of skills, as a punishment he is being poured with acid, dragged behind the car and skinned, buried alive, being thrown into deep wells, canyons or sometimes shot( which in these circumstances is perceived a privilege). The cruelest punishment that exists is to tie the dog around the neck so he will eventually hang himself. In that case, the animal can suffer for even 3 days.  It’s also worth mentioning that this is the fate of 50-100 thousand animals every year.

 Please sign the petition and express your opinion against this inhumane bestiality!

Our petition against bestiality on galgos will be addressed to Spain authorities.




    • Garley Patricia
      Posted 31 October 2021 17:29 0Likes

      Humans are the cruelest species on earth

    • Erica
      Posted 31 October 2021 20:03 0Likes

      Stop it

    • Lynda Evans
      Posted 31 October 2021 21:23 0Likes

      Stop this BARBARIC practice its sickening & shows Spain in an evil light

    • Damma
      Posted 1 November 2021 09:06 0Likes


    • Gilda Martony
      Posted 1 November 2021 13:59 0Likes


    • Gilda Martony
      Posted 1 November 2021 14:02 0Likes


    • Anthony Demarco
      Posted 1 November 2021 22:39 0Likes

      Stop this cruel barbaric backward people

    • Sofia Jalil
      Posted 1 November 2021 23:07 0Likes

      Basta de maltrato animal

    • Christine Rochel
      Posted 2 November 2021 08:16 0Likes

      Je signe la pétition

    • Charlene nogueira
      Posted 2 November 2021 09:05 0Likes

      Stop criminality

    • Jouvenaux Christophe
      Posted 2 November 2021 12:15 0Likes

      Ces honteux de faire du mal au bete ainssi pourriture des gens comme ca sans coeur

    • Benay
      Posted 3 November 2021 07:12 0Likes

      Commen peut on laisser faire

    • Batselé Angie
      Posted 3 November 2021 11:59 0Likes

      Cruelty against animals MUST STOP

    • Donna Parker
      Posted 3 November 2021 15:51 0Likes

      Why are the Spanish so cruel.
      Horrific .these are beautiful dogs . Please stop this .

    • Donna Parker
      Posted 3 November 2021 15:52 0Likes

      Please stop this barbaric treatment in Spain

    • Lesley Jeal
      Posted 3 November 2021 16:12 0Likes

      Pure and utter evil scum

    • MaRcos
      Posted 3 November 2021 16:32 0Likes

      Im a person that love AniMals n life in generAld sense I was a kid

    • Pitot Gaston
      Posted 4 November 2021 10:17 0Likes

      Révolté de voir cela, il ne faut plus aller dans ces pays qui autorisent encore cette barbarie, que des responsables politiques fassent leur travail, j’ honte pour l'( humain).

    • Kessler
      Posted 4 November 2021 14:31 0Likes

      Les peRsonnes qui font suBir ces Sévices doive être punies Sévèrement.

    • Born avenet Martine
      Posted 4 November 2021 18:52 0Likes

      Que pouvons nous faire

    • Hendriks Hendriks Brigitte
      Posted 5 November 2021 09:51 0Likes

      Arrêtez cette barbarie svp

    • Hendriks Hendriks Brigitte
      Posted 5 November 2021 09:52 0Likes

      Arrêtez ces horreurs. Svp

    • Hendriks Hendriks Brigitte
      Posted 5 November 2021 09:53 0Likes

      Arrêtez ces horreurs. Au secours !!!!

    • Hendriks Hendriks Brigitte
      Posted 5 November 2021 09:53 0Likes

      Arrêtez ces horreurs svp

      Posted 5 November 2021 14:38 0Likes

      STOP à toutes ces barbaries d’un autre temps !
      STOP à ce génocide infligé au Galgo espagnol !
      Laisser les vivres en paix Ils n’ont rien DEMANDÉS sauf le droit de vivre heureux !

    • Anne Hawkins
      Posted 2 December 2021 16:09 0Likes

      This evil must stop I will never take a holiday in Spain until it does.
      This barbarity belongs in the medieval period

    • Carmen Exner
      Posted 6 December 2021 18:40 0Likes

      Stop it

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