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Become Szkiełka’s VIRTUAL GUARDIAN.

27/07/2021 Update

Thank you for saving Szkiełka!
Thank you for giving Szkiełka a chance for a dignified, peaceful retirement that she definitely deserves. The mare is already with us. She will be taken care of, she will never have to work again, and the only things that await her are; new acquaintances among other horse retirees, warming up her worn-out back in the warm rays of the sun and fresh, fragrant hay.

Szkiełka is still waiting for a blacksmith who will take care of her hooves, as well as a veterinarian who will assess her health and advise on how to take care of the mare so that her health is good. From now on, all support for Szkiełka will be dedicated to its maintenance and, if necessary, treatment. Thanks again for your support!

Szkiełka’s Story

The time left to the horses facing a death sentence is measured with the weight and the measures of oats. The fattened ones go to the slaughterhouse, for now, the ones to which, as the traders say, “you can still throw the meat”, they stand tied to the manger with butcher ropes for a few weeks and receive enough food that they are not able to eat it all. They don’t go outside, they don’t see the grass or the sun. Helplessly waiting for their end.

Szkiełka does not react to anything. Maybe she was mourning lost dreams and knowing that her life was ending, although she had never lived on her terms. She has always been serving humans, giving birth to foals every year, following all orders, she had no chance to make her own decisions. She worked when ordered, ate, and rested when allowed. Now, after many years of service, she will be killed, because this is the last time it will be possible to earn money.