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SZYSZKA with child

Adopt them from a distance now. Become their VIRTUAL GUARDIAN.

Update 30/08/21

Szyszka is safe now!

Szyszka and her little daughter are no longer in danger. Both have already arrived at our center, where they will be provided with the best care, as well as what is most important: peace and certainty that nothing will ever threaten them again. The foal is still close to his mother, but we are sure that the curiosity will soon take over and the little one will start exploring all corners of the farm. Thank you for saving Szyszka and the foal!

Szyszka’s story

Dear Szyszka, we are sorry.
For all the harm a man has done to you.
For all Your children taken away from You by force so that people can make profit.
For the time spent in a place where no horse would like to live.
For the fact that someone sent you to death because they thought your life wasn’t worth much.
For the fact that your daughter saw horses being led to slaughter every day.
For the fact that you are not able to save her even if you want to.
For all the strikes of the whip. For all the neglect and mistreatment.
Dear Szyszka, we apologize for whole Your life wasted by people.
We are so sorry.