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The cleanest place on Earth

Scientists have found the cleanest place on our planet. According to them, it is located south of Tasmania, in the Southern Ocean. The air is so clean that its samples contain negligible amounts of elements that can be analyzed. The modern equipment used by scientists was not able to detect any harmful signs of humans activities.

A team of climate researchers led by Sonia Kreidenweis decided to answer the question of how far aerosol molecules and the production of human industry, transport, and energy can carry in the air. Scientists studied a limited air layer, where clouds form at lower altitudes. Researchers did not receive aerosols molecules or other substances that can be formed as a result of human action. The results of the study were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Cape Grim in Tasmania, near the northern tip of the Southern Ocean was previously considered as the region with the cleanest air in the world. It was identified by scientists in 2019.