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The dog helps doctors fighting coronavirus

Even a short contact with the dog helps you to get rid of tension, calms you down, de-stresses. Dogs are invaluable help and important support. First of all, in conducting therapy for people with difficult experiences. They can reduce stress and cure trauma. Specially trained dogs can also help doctors, who struggle with great stress daily.

The case below totally proves it. Meet Ricochet. She is a female golden retriever, who helps doctors fighting coronavirus. The dog lives in San Diego, in the United States. She has undergone therapeutic training and has extensive experience. She used to work with children with autism, with people with disabilities and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to the coronavirus, Ricochet is currently unable to perform her duties. But her guardian found a solution. She is now conducting online sessions on FaceTime. Doctors who fight coronavirus on a daily basis can call Ricochet when they are off duty. Through eye contact with the dog, they calm down and get rid of the fears, which are the result of the present hospital situation. All you need is a Ricochet glance and doctors’ stress is significantly reduced. This offer is also available to people who lost loved ones due to the coronavirus epidemic.