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The drama of the whales in New Zealand

A rescue operation is underway in New Zealand. 49 pilot whales from the dolphin family are stuck there on the Farewell Spit. Rescuers want to save mammals from death due to dehydration. The spit is known as the “whale trap” because it throws them onto the beaches and prevents them from returning to deep waters. The place was named because of the frequency of similar events.

The whales have been found yesterday. As reported in the media, nine animals could not be saved. The rescuers led the rest to the water, but at night the animals were close enough to the shore that they returned to land. Today another 17 individuals were found dead. Over a hundred volunteers from Project Jonah are involved in the whale rescue. To save the marine mammals, the group formed a human chain and guided pilot whales back to the ocean at the onset of the tide. Previously, mammals were covered with wet towels to keep them cool and moist. Unfortunately, when the low tide comes, the animals may be back on the shore again.