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The Earth has lost an alarming amount of ice

British scientists analyzed satellite images of the Earth’s poles, mountains, and glaciers to measure how much ice our planet has lost due to climate change. It turns out that in the last 23 years the Earth has lost an alarming amount of it. Approximately as much as 28 trillion tons. Unfortunately, these losses keep growing.

The researchers also point out that melting ice in such amounts reduces the planet’s ability to reflect solar radiation back into space. The ice disappears and the exposed water and soil absorb the heat. And that speeds the greenhouse effect even more. Scientists also indicate that water from melting glaciers and the ice cover is disrupting the biological health of Arctic and Antarctic waters.

Scientists claim that the amount of ice that has disappeared from the surface of our planet to this day could cover the surface of Great Britain with a 100-meter layer. According to researchers, climate change is to blame for such huge losses.