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The extraordinary love of a pair of storks

Here is a story about love and affection. Since Klepetan’s stork mate was shot in 1993 and cannot fly, he visits her every year. A nest built for the bird became her home forever. Since then, the stork has returned to her regularly. Sixteen years already.

This extraordinary story began in eastern Croatia. Stjepan Vokić found a shot female stork in the field and decided to help her. It turned out that she suffered permanent damage. He called her Malena and she has never come back to perfect health. Her savior built a nest for her, and it has been her home ever since. Soon Malena was visited by a male named Klepetan. When he decided to fly away to warm countries, it seemed that the relationship was over. We couldn’t be more wrong. As soon as the warm days returned, Klepetan returned to Malena. He came back every year. And it still comes back for the sixteenth time.

There is even an animated film dedicated to this extraordinary couple, which tells their beautiful and unique story.