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The Great Green Wall

The Great Green Wall in Africa is a green belt that separates the east and west coasts of Africa. The idea to build such a green divider appeared in 2005. The main goal of the green wall will be to stop the desertification process in those areas. The entire project is promoted by the African Union – an international organization associating African countries.

The plan to build the Great Green Wall has been discussed for several years. Now it can finally come to life. During the One Planet Summit, financial support for this project was declared.

The Great Green Wall is supposed to separate the Sahara from the Sahel. The wall made of trees will run through 11 countries. The wall is to be approximately 8,000 kilometers long and an average of 15 kilometers wide. In addition, to stop the desertification, the main objective of the project is to restore degraded land and to absorb 250 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This initiative aims to change the lives of masses of people by creating a mosaic of green and productive landscapes. The plan is to be implemented by 2030.