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The impact of climate change on endemic species

An international team of scientists has combined the results of many studies and analyses to find out how progressive climate change may affect populations of endemic species. These are species that occur only in specific places on Earth. Experts have come to tragic conclusions. If global warming exceeds the 3 Celsius degrees, it will have a harmful impact on the populations of nearly four-fifths of these species. Climate change will threaten the survival of all island species, the most of the animals that live in the mountains. Many of them will be threatened with extinction. It turns out that global warming could have catastrophic consequences for endemics such as lemurs, snow leopards, and valuable plants used in medicine.

The authors of the analyzes emphasize that there is still hope to slow down these negative processes, and the main condition is to reduce emissions following the Paris Agreement. The results of the specialists’ research have been published in the scientific journal “Biological Conservation”.