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The latest report on renewable energy

The report “The European Power Sector in 2020”, on energy sources used in the European Union, is somewhat optimistic. According to experts, in 2020 renewable energy sources, for the first time in history, providing more energy than coal, and thus was its most common source. Wind and solar farms generated as much as 38% of it.

The report was presented by Ember and Agora Energiewende. According to the data, in 2020 RES outperformed coal and gas, which used to obtain 37% of energy. Nuclear power plants are responsible for the production of the remaining 25% of energy. Almost every European country has seen a decline in coal mining. In the EU, the decline was 20%, and coal was used to produce 13% of the energy consumed in Europe. At the same time, wind and solar energy production are growing rapidly across the EU. It has almost doubled since 2015.