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There are places in the world where cows are worshiped. In Poland, a cow is a common animal, mainly associated with milk and beef. Should we be proud of the way we treat cows? Let’s take a closer look at these amazing animals …

The ancient ancestors of the cow
There are at least 18 breeds of cows in Poland. Most often, you can see black and white Friesian cows. However, our native cow is red, it is a Polish red cow. She is resourceful and resilient. The domestication of this animal took place 8,000 years ago, in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea.

The cow likes to drink
In Poland, “cow” is not only the name of an animal and a pejorative term, it is also the colloquial name of a liter bottle of vodka. However, there is something in this association base, because cows like to drink. However, they avoid alcoholic beverages. A healthy dairy cow drinks more than 150 liters of water a day, and can drink as much as 20 liters per minute.

A cow in the past
In the past, the host cow saved lives in the pre-harvest season, it was also the basis for the functioning of many farms and even entire regions. There was even a war in Poland caused by a single cow. This event took place on July 15, 1469. The inhabitants of Białogard, under the command of mayor Karsten from Oparzno, set off to Świdwin, armed. As a result of the war, as many as 300 Białogard inhabitants were killed and 100 were taken captive. Unfortunately, the exact circumstances of this event are unknown. It is known, however, that for several decades the annual war has been celebrated with a folk festival organized alternately in Białogard and Świdwin.

How long do cows live?
Currently, the cow is worshiped in India, formerly, in Egypt, it was considered a sacred animal of the goddess Isis. In modern Europe, this animal is largely degraded to a living milk producer. Cows in Poland usually do not die a natural death. After spending 6-7 years on the farm, they are slaughtered due to damage to the hooves or the udder (mechanical milking). Dairy cows are constantly standing on the concrete, hence the damage mentioned above.

The cows on the farms also do not have the opportunity to meet the bull. His semen is applied to them through a special tube. The cows are also not in contact with their own children. They feed them with milk only once, right after giving birth. Are the cows in Poland happy? Judge for yourself.

The brutal conditions of industrial farms
The cows on the farms produce 30 times more milk than is needed to raise a calf. But who would think about it, after all, all milk is needed by a human, and a cow must become pregnant in order to produce it. The calf is just a by-product, and so is the veal.
How long would cows live if it weren’t for the brutal fate of humans? Thecommon village cow in Polesie lives for 20 years. She is well, happy, meets the bull from time to time, and enjoys motherhood, having regular contact with her children. How different this picture is from the cruelty of the farms …

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