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The “loneliest elephant in the world” begins a new life

Kaavan, an elephant called by the media and animal organizations “the world’s loneliest elephant”, was transported to a reserve in Cambodia. After moving, he interacted with another representative of his species. This is the first such contact in his life in 8 years!

Kaavan has been living in a zoo in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad for 35 years. From 2012, he stayed there without any company of other elephants, which affected his well-being and health. When his partner died at that time, he was diagnosed with depression. Behavioral problems were observed in the elephant. The mammal lived in poor conditions, was kept on a chain. He suffered from a lack of exercise and was fed improperly, which made him overweight. For several years, animal rights groups have tried to place Kaavan in a better place for him. Finally succeeded. Last week the animal arrived at a reserve in Cambodia, where it is expected to spend the rest of its life in better conditions and with other elephants.

Charity Four Paws International, which fought to save Kaavan, said: “We can officially call him the loneliest elephant in the world”and now he begins a new life.