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The massive elephants’ death investigation

Botswana authorities are investigating the cause of the unexplained death of 154 elephants in the last two months. Until today, poachers and poisoning have been excluded. The situation is serious because in Africa the number of these mammals is gradually


“We’re still waiting for the result of the research. Nobody knows the exact cause of these

deaths, “told Reuters Dimakatso Ntshebe, a regional authority representative.

The elephant population across Africa is decreasing due to poaching. However, this phenomenon does not apply to Botswana, where at the end of the 90s the number of elephants increased from 80 to 130 thousand, thanks to well-managed animals’ sanctuaries. It is estimated that almost one-third of the entire elephant population of this continent currently lives in this country. It is still unknown at this time what really happened to 154 Botswana elephants. The next few weeks will show if this dangerous mystery can finally be solved.