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The mystery of the death of elephants in Botswana solved

The mysterious mass deaths of over 300 elephants in Botswana were solved. Investigators reported that the cause of deaths were cyanobacteria in the water. It is unknown why this only affects elephants and a specific area of ​​the country. For now, the animals are not threatened with another wave of deaths.

For months, it was not known what caused so many animal deaths. Experts suspected the new pathogen. However, analyzes by veterinarians and scientists shed new light on this terrible event. The elephants probably got poisoned with the cyanobacteria in the river.

An investigation into the case has been held since June after aerial photographs revealed hundreds of dead elephants in the Okavango River Delta. From the beginning of the investigation, poachers were excluded as a reason behind the mysterious death of the animals because the dead elephants were not deprived of tusks that hunters consider the most precious.