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The oldest wild bird in the world gave birth to offspring

The oldest known wild bird in the world, the Wisdom albatross, had offspring again at the age of 70. Scientists from the Hawaiian branch of the0

US Fish and Wildlife Service informed about the hatching of the chick. Wisdom is a gray-haired female dark-eared albatross, and this is at least 35 of her babies. It hatched in early February in Midway Atoll – a national nature reserve in the North Pacific, where over a million albatrosses return to their nests every year. The father of the chick is Wisdom’s longtime partner, Akeakamai, with whom they have been a couple since 2010.

Wisdom is the oldest known – free – bird female in the world. Scientists have been observing the life of Wisdom since 1956 when the ornithologist Chandler Robbins ringed the then five-year-old bird. As reported by “The Guardian”, the unusual bird survived both the biologist and its partners. Albatrosses live in monogamous relationships and only in the event of the death of one of their partners can they look for a new one. Scientists believe this was probably the case with Wisdom.