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The scientists’ alarm

The British daily newspaper “The Guardian” has analyzed the connection between diseases and wildlife. It has written in – if humanity’s approach to the natural environment does not change, it will lead to another pandemic, similar to the current one.

The newspaper refers to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to them, three-quarters of new diseases that people get are from animal origins. But it is the human activity that increases the risk of infection. As “The Guardian” analyzes, deforestation and other forms of land transformation are forcing exotic species to leave their natural niches and live in an environment shaped by people. In that way new diseases are created, and close contact allows them to be transmitted to humans.

People need to think about how they treat wild animals and nature. Now they are acting too recklessly. As the University of California epidemiologist Tierra Smiley Evans mentions, the connection between environmental hazards and human health have become more visible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And one of the most positive things that will result from this tragedy is to realize that how we treat forests affects our well-being and health.