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The sixth mass extinction accelerates

Earth is in the phase of the sixth mass extinction of species. Unfortunately, this process is constantly accelerating. Scientists are warning. Up to 500 animal species may become extinct in the coming years. 

According to the BBC, harmful human activities have led to hundreds of animal species being threatened with extinction. Experts recognize that this is the beginning of much more serious changes. According to the research, species disappear more than 100 times faster than at the natural pace.

– We have entered the sixth mass extinction. Based on research and what we can observe, the crisis of extinction is so serious that no matter what we do now, in the next 10-50 years it will define the future of humanity, ” said Gerardo Ceballos of the National University of Mexico in Mexico in an interview with BBC.

Scientists believe it is not too late to slow down the extinction process. What we should do now is the introduction of a strict ban on the trade of wild animals globally, reduction of deforestation of the planet, and recognition of all species below 5,000 as critically endangered ones.