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The smallest chameleon in the world found in Madagascar

Probably the smallest reptile in the world has been discovered – a subspecies of chameleon that fits on the tip of the finger. Its body length is 13.5 mm. The female is much larger and is approx. 29 mm. Two small individuals were observed by a German-Madagascar Expeditionary Team in Madagascar. Despite the strenuous efforts of scientists, only two representatives of the subspecies were found.

The animal belongs to a genus of reptiles called Brookesia. So it was named as Brookesia nana, but scientists also refer to it as a nano-chameleon, which is a reference to its extremely small size. Until now, it was believed that Brookesia micra is the smallest among a dozen species of dwarf chameleons, reaching 1.5 cm in body length and 8 mm in tail length. However, the recently discovered chameleon is much smaller and only fits on the tip of your finger! Scientists first made sure that they were dealing with adults by conducting appropriate tests. It soon turned out that the female reached maturity because she carried two eggs, while the male’s maturity was indicated by well-developed sexual organs.

“The new chameleon inhabits the mountain rainforests of northern Madagascar and may be in danger of extinction,” according to Scientific Reports