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The smallest possum has survived wildfires in Australia.

The smallest possum has survived wildfires in Australia. According to The Guardian, environmentalists found him on Kangaroo Island. It was feared that the fire that decimated the animals last year had killed all of the species. However, this did not happen. The found baby weighs only seven grams. The little opossum was found by volunteers working as part of the Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife group.

It is estimated that during last year’s fires, over 220,000 hectares of forests were burned. These areas were most often inhabited by the possum – one of the smallest mammals on Earth. The discovery of the small possum gives hope that this species will be restored. Environmentalists must therefore act to protect and allow the population that survived the fires to thrive.

Experts say finding a representative of this species in the eastern part of the continent gives hope that other, long-unseen animals also survived the fires.